Homemade Quality

The flavor provided by nature.

HOMEMADE has as its purpose to take, to every consumer, products of the highest quality. The main differential of our products is the pursuit to preserve the true flavor nature provides us.

Quality control is present from the choice of raw materials, which are rigorously selected, to the confection of the end product. For that purpose, we count on a specialized technical team and we rigorously follow the principles of HACCP, Hazards Analysis and Points of Critical Control (APPCC), responsible for evaluating quality and food security, as well as the BPF Manual Good Manufacturing Practices, with procedural norms.

The manufacturing process counts on trained manipulators, robust facilities, adequate in sanitarian terms and designed so that their operational flow can be conducted according to high standards of hygiene in the entire production process.

All these cares produce a delicious jam, rich in fruit bites and with a natural flavor.

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