Prizes and Certifications

HOMEMADE is "Gold"

In 2012, HOMEMADE brilliantly took part in the party hosted by ABRE, the Brazilian Packaging Association, which annually delivers the "ABRE Prize", an institutional award, internationally recognized for awarding "Gold", "Silver" and "Bronze" prizes to the three most outstanding packaging in their categories in the respective year. The Association's purpose is to show that a good packaging is fundamental to all kinds of products, by providing a better quality of life to people.

This year, HOMEMADE was nominated in the categories "Sweet food Packaging", in which it received the greatest highlight, being awarded the "Gold" prize. It was also nominated in the categories "Graphic Design – Food and Beverage Redesign", "Structural Design – Form" and "Marketing –Communication Strategy", in which it received the "Silver" prize.

HOMEMADE is proud of being able to offer its consumers the best in terms of flavor and quality in an exclusive packaging with a differentiated and modern design. For further information on the "ABRE Prize", please visit:

The Kosher Certificate

The HOMEMADE Jams now boast the Kosher Certificate.

This certificate is recognized all over the world as a synonym of maximum production control, and is obtained through a constant and meticulous inspection of the production process, at the company's facilities, as well as through the control of every supplier of the raw materials utilized by HOMEMADE.

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