Homemade Sugarcane Molasses

The sweet flavor of Brazil.

The Homemade Sugarcane Molasses is a food made of sugarcane, much consumed throughout the entire Brazilian history. It can be consumed pure, with fruits, milk or cereals and, since it's a natural sweetener, it can replace sugar and honey when preparing candies, cakes, bread, desserts and beverages, as well as to prepare seasoning for meats, and roasted and grilled food.

Its consistency is very much like that of honey, and it's rich in nutrients essential for good health, such as "Calcium", "Potassium" and "Iron", being excellent to assist fighting anemia caused by the lack of iron.

See some of the functions these nutrients perform for a good development and functioning of the body:

  • Calcium – besides being the main element to constitute bones and teeth, it acts in muscle contraction, secretion of hormones and blood coagulation. A diet lacking calcium forces the body to withdraw this mineral from the bones, to try and keep a balanced level of calcium in the blood. This process is associated to a decrease in bone tissue, known as osteoporosis.
  • Potassium – it's related to the conduction of electric impulses through the body. Its absence can cause, among other factors, decrease in reflexes, feeling of skin formication and changes in heartbeat rates (cardiac arrhythmia).
  • Iron - it's indispensable for the production of hemoglobin, responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood. Its absence has as its main consequence iron deficiency anemia, caused by a lack of "Iron" in the organism, hindering the formation of red blood cells, which are the main blood cells.

The Homemade Sugarcane Molasses is also an excellent source of energy, being highly indicated to people who practice physical activities, besides stimulating the appetite among children. With a suave bittersweet flavor, it'll give that special touch to your dishes.

Homemade Sugarcane Molasses. Made at our home, especially for you!

Sugarcane Molasses 330g Homemade

Sugarcane Molasses 330g

Sugarcane Molasses 250g

Sugarcane Molasses 250g

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