Homemade Honey

100% Pure Bee Honey.

Following our tradition of making high quality jams, we'd like to introduce our Homemade Honey line, which offers consumers 100% pure bee honey.

To delight consumers' sense of taste, Homemade has worked to rescue from nature the purity and the nutrients of rustic honey and orange tree honey.

See some of the benefits of these delicious foods:

  • The orange tree honey (from the orange tree flower) has sedative properties, to help fight insomnia. It also contributes to a good functioning of the bowels, as well as avoiding cramps.
  • Rustic honey (from field flowers) helps the immune system to defend the organism, and it has sedative and detoxifying properties.

To maintain the success of our line of Premium jams, the Homemade Honey comes in a 330-gram packaging with an exclusive design, developed especially to rescue the "homemade" tradition. The new packaging is differentiated and captivating: a glass jar with a shape inspired in the old copper bowl, in which the honey is manipulated at our plant, with the application of a spring steel metallic grip as an accessory that provides the whole set with an original, functional, charming and sophisticated aspect, managing to reflect the HOMEMADE brand's prestige and authenticity.

Our honey also can be found in practical 250-gram tubes.

The Homemade Honey line also includes the Recreio/Playtime Honey, which, in addition to preserving the quality of HOMEMADE products, is made for children with a special care. The Recreio/Playtime Honey comes in a 330-gram packaging with a fun format.

Homemade Honey. Made at our home, especially for you!

Organic honey 330g Homemade

Organic honey 330g

Selo Produto Orgânico
Orange Tree honey 330g Homemade

Orange Tree honey 280g

Rustic honey 330g Homemade

Rustic honey 280g

Orange Tree honey 250g Homemade

Orange Tree honey 250g

Rustic honey 250g Homemade

Rustic honey 250g

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