Monica's Gang© Purifruti Jam

Fun with Nutritional Value!

Childhood is a period of intense physical, cognitive and psychological development. To ensure a healthy lifestyle, it's extremely important that a child is given complete and balanced nourishment. Having that in mind, the mix of vitamins and minerals found in the Monica's Gang Purifruti Jam has been fully developed to enrich nourishment in such an important stage of a child's life.

In the flavors strawberry, blackberry, guava, grape and frutimix (strawberry, blackberry and Surinam cheery), children will greatly enjoy the Monica's Gang Purifruti Jam. A jam rich in fruit pulp, carbohydrates, minerals, "Iron" and "Zinc", and vitamins "A", "C" and "D".

See some of the functions these nutrients perform for a good development and functioning of the body:

  • Carbohydrates – it's the first source of energy the body utilizes to perform daily activities.
  • Iron – an essential nutrient to produce the red blood cells found in the blood.
  • Zinc – it performs many different functions in the organism, such as assistance to the immune system and constitution of the DNA structure.
  • Vitamin A – it helps form the bones, teeth and skin.
  • Vitamin C – it acts to strengthen the immune system, as well as helping in the absorption of "Iron".
  • Vitamin D – it helps to provide a perfect functioning of the brain, besides strengthening bones, teeth and muscles – including the heart.

Monica's Gang Purifruti Jam has also changed its packaging, and has been given new and fun collectable lids that will let children have a great party!

Monica's Gang Purifruti Jams. Made at our home, especially for you!

Grape Jam Homemade

Grape Jam

Strawberry Jam Homemade

Strawberry Jam

Blackberry Jam Homemade

Blackberry Jam

Guava Jam Homemade

Guava Jam

Frutimix Jam Homemade

Frutimix Jam

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