Homemade Premium Jam

Flavor and tradition in a new packaging.

We'd like to introduce the new packaging for the Homemade Jams. With an exclusive design, it was specially developed to rescue the "homemade" tradition. The new packaging is differentiated and captivating: a glass jar with a shape inspired in the old copper bowl, in which the jams are made at our plant, with the application of a spring steel metallic grip as an accessory that provides the whole set with an original, functional, charming and sophisticated aspect, managing to reflect the HOMEMADE brand's prestige and authenticity.

Just like those old family recipes that pass along many generations, our products have kept the same original recipe since 1968. A tasty tradition we strongly insist on preserving.

The result is a jam rich in fruit bites, made with carefully selected raw materials, to provide our consumers with the best in terms of flavor and quality, now in two new versions: Wild Fruits and Red Fruits.

Homemade Premium Jams. Made at our home, especially for you!

Apricot Jam Homemade

Apricot Jam

Strawberry Jam Homemade

Strawberry Jam

Mulberry Jam Homemade

Mulberry Jam

Red Fruits Jam Homemade

Red Fruits Jam

Raspberry Jam Homemade

Raspberry Jam

Wild Fruits Jam Homemade

Wild Fruits Jam

Guava Jam Homemade

Guava Jam

Yellow Fruits Jam

Yellow Fruits Jam

Yellow Fruits Jam

Grape Jam with Chia

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