Homemade Blisters

A lot of flavor in small servings.

In the effort to bring greater practicality to our consumers' daily lives, HOMEMADE also offers its delicious jams and honeys in smaller servings, in 15-gram blisters.

In the flavors strawberry, guava, apple, grape, orange, pineapple, diet strawberry and diet guava, you will enjoy the typical quality and flavor of HOMEMADE products.

Our smaller servings in blisters are perfect for consumption at hotels and restaurants, or to make that fast snack much more tasty and healthy.

Homemade Blisters. Made at our home, especially for you!

Apple Jam Homemade

Apple Jam

Pineapple Jam Homemade

Pineapple Jam

Strawberry Jam Homemade

Strawberry Jam

Guava Jam Homemade

Guava Jam

Orange Jam Homemade

Orange Jam

Grape Jam Homemade

Grape Jam

Diet Strawberry Jam Homemade

Diet Strawberry Jam

Diet Guava Jam Homemade

Diet Guava Jam

Honey Homemade

Honey Homemade

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